White House Communications Director

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Press Release
For Immediate Release
August 4, 2017

White House Communications Director Search Gets Professional Help

San Francisco, CA – August 4, 2017 – HireMojo, Inc., the Hiring Automation Platform ™ company, today announced that it has initiated a professional search for the next White House Communications Director.

In an unprecedented move, HireMojo is supporting the effort to fill the White House Communications Director opening as part of its civic duty in an unofficial capacity.  “We view this effort more as building a pipeline of candidates rather than making a single hire.” clarified John Younger, HireMojo’s CEO.  “We appreciate that the average tenure of someone in this role is three months, so our mission is to identify the next 14 people who will be hired for the remainder of this President’s term.  He deserves only the BEST candidates.”

“The impact these people will have is tremendous.” emphasized Kelly Konis, President of Konis Consulting, an international marketing and communications firm. (www.kellykonis.com)  “It is no small feat to manage the communications strategy for a group that embraces dissention, diversity of statements around the same topic and frequent 140 character surprises.  I applaud HireMojo’s efforts to support the White House and America, and their commitment to fuel the daily comedic relief from the White House upon which so many people rely!” 

“I applaud our President for moving the role of Communications Director onto the quarter system like so many of this great nation’s finest institutions.”  said Cal McAllister, Co-Founder and CEO of Wexley School for Girls, the best advertising agency in the solar system. (www.wexley.com)  “Giving tenured individuals several weeks of proselytizing at the lectern, then months and months to publish where they really make their money is genius from a genius. It takes a deep bench, which is why John and his A team at HireMojo are perfect for the task. Trust me, you’re going to love it.”

The job description and initial screening questions are below, and click here to apply.

About HireMojo

HireMojo® (www.hiremojo.com) is the world’s first subscription-based Hiring Automation Platform™ with a singular mission to drop unemployment in the United States below 3%.  By incorporating a constellation of resources, HireMojo’s software RecruiterBot® performs most of the routine and difficult tasks related to finding, screening and managing candidates through the hiring process.  Most companies fill 90% of their jobs within 3 weeks.  With HireMojo®, hiring the right people throughout the year is easier, and removes the need for multiple recruiting-related vendor contracts or integrations.

Contact: Mark Bohdanyk, mbohdanyk@hiremojo.com, 415-755-1294


Title: White House Communications Director – Master of Weaving Tales and Covering Tracks
Job #: WHCommDir3-14

To apply, refer or learn more go to: http://www.hiremojo.com/whitehouse

As a senior staff member for the President of the United States (#POTUS), step into the experience of a lifetime!  Established in January 1969 during the Nixon administration, the roots for this job are deeply planted in making lemonade out of lemons.  One of your most distinguishing characteristics throughout your career is your uncanny ability to make a big impact within the first three months of your employment.  This will be especially important working for this #POTUS since that will likely be the entire duration of your tenure.


Very few jobs carry the visibility, excitement and sheer joy of developing and promoting the agenda of this President, including leading the White House media campaigns.   Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to practice your poker face when confronted with blatant “alternate truths”, conflicting research and Presidential tweets negating your statements.  After this assignment, you will be ready for the World Series of Poker (WSOP). 

You are going to love this job because you’ll:

  • Sit in a cushy West Wing office, but it’s encouraged that you leave your personal effects at home
  • Oversee the White House Press Secretary and the height of the trees and shrubs around the White House
  • Craft Presidential speeches with plenty of room in the margins for Presidential changes without notice
  • Communicate the President’s voice and vision clearly and successfully, whatever that may be week to week or day to day
  • Meet with many wonderful attorneys from several government agencies and private sector firms
  • Get clear direction by reading the President’s tweets from the previous night

The core qualifications you need include:

  • Managing outsourced, off-shore "communications" teams based in Russia
  • Directing crisis management teams and efforts
  • Displaying verbal abuse, preferably toward CNN and the fake news media
  • Staying calm even in the face of laughable conflicting statements from the White House staff
  • Being fluent in Russian
  • Love for SPIN

If you feel constrained when asked to provide a coherent communications strategy, then this is the perfect career bending opportunity for you!

The United States Federal Government offers competitive salary and benefits. In addition to completing this application, the hiring process includes being selected by the President of the United States.  


communications, spin, obfuscation, run, hide, Russian, Russia, POTUS, reality tv, crisis communications, cat herder, Fox News, thick skin, big hat, no cattle, media bashing, fake news, alternative facts, lie, lying, fake it till you make it, twitter, Dynasty, West Wing, House of Cards, best, biggest, brightest 

Initial Interview Questions and Answers:

Which Communications Director worked for Donald Trump and was fired in less than 90 days:

  • Sean Spicer
  • Mike Dubke
  • Anthony Scaramucci
  • All of the above

The most effective method or tool for ensuring that all members of the team are staying on message is:

  • Electroshock therapy
  • Taking everyone’s phones and computers away from them
  • Duct tape
  • Twitter
  • Block internet access and public speaking opportunities for all but one person

The role of White House Communications Director is to:

  • Put reporters in their place
  • Corral the President's twitter use
  • Arrange the President's Russian social calendar
  • Develop and promote the agenda of the President and lead the White House media campaign

Лидером, которого я больше всего восхищаюсь, является:

  • Путин
  • Путин
  • Путин
  • Путин
  • Не Путин

I believe the use of intensifiers is:

  • the absolute best, really the optimum, way to make a point
  • really, really, really important
  • very important
  • meh

My desire to work in an environment with frequent firings, infighting, back stabbing and morale decline is:

  • My preferred work environment where I thrive - what other kind is there?
  • Neutral - I'll make it work
  • Seriously?

When faced with change, chaos, or a burning building I:

  • Juggle all aspects with ease! I will rescue the kitten from the top of the tree, save grandma, and put out the fire. I love chaos!
  • Search for marshmallows
  • Can be slightly uneasy with chaos, but will handle it to the best of my ability
  • Hightail it in the other direction; chaos is something I try to avoid
  • Hide under a rock or behind a bush where the chaos cannot find me

The White House Communications Director position was formed under the:

  • Kennedy era
  • Lincoln era
  • Nixon era
  • Parseghian era
  • Clinton era

My experience with the federal system is primarily as a:

  • Convicted felon
  • Bailiff
  • Litigant or juror
  • Judge or attorney
  • N/A - Not listed or I would be new to the federal system

To me, loyalty means:

  • Love, love, love, loving the President
  • Covering one's own b*** at any cost
  • Willingness to let others take the fall for me
  • Not asking questions or expressing dissent no matter how absolutely profoundly batshit crazy things appear to be

My communication style, as defined by my enemies, would most often be described as:

  • Constructive and solutions oriented
  • Back stabbing
  • Front stabbing

Should my candidacy be deemed appropriate, I:

  • Don't want HireMojo to forward my resume/CV and responses to these questions to the media or the White House
  • Ask that HireMojo contact me to get authorization prior to forwarding my resume/CV and responses to these questions to the media or the White House
  • Authorize HireMojo to forward my resume/CV and responses to these questions to the media and the White House

Open Ended Questions:

Please provide an example, with details, of where you effectively sabotaged a co-worker's success. Were they fired?

Describe your experience developing alternate facts. Please provide specific examples.