Hiring and Interview Guide

Learn to find, screen, interview and hire. Get interview questions and more!


Interviewing and hiring job candidates is a crucial part of your business. The right candidate can help accelerate your business and increase revenue. The wrong candidate can negatively impact company culture, employee morale or worse.

In this FREE eBook, you will learn:

  • The True Cost of Hiring
    Hiring an employee can cost your company thousands. Learn about the costs associated with hiring a candidate and why your hiring decision matters more than you think.

  • How to Identify Top Performers
    Save time reviewing resumes and preparing for the initial interview. Interview question samples you can use for in-person or over the phone to quickly identify top performers, candidate behavior, and cultural fit.

  • The Offer Acceptance Process
    Learn how to leverage the interviewing process, build your employer brand, and ultimately motivate a candidate to accept your offer.